Guitar Stands

Guitar Stands

Beautiful Handmade Custom Wooden Guitar Stands

Choose to order your guitar holder with no engraving, or add a name or initials to the stand (placement of engraving shown in pictures).

These beautiful handmade wooden guitar stands require minimal assembly (just 2 bolts for you to install), but we will send directions!

Our custom wooden guitar stands measure approximately 16.5" tall x 12" wide at the base x 11.5" deep at the base.

Premium, Hardwood Guitar Stands

All of our wooden guitar stands are handmade from premium hardwood, no plywood or pressboard! We do not stain or paint any of our stands, but apply several finishing coats of lacquer to show off the natural wood grain.

Choose from 4 different woods (shown in the listing photos):

Ambrosia Maple  

Ambrosia Maple wood, also known as Ghost Maple, has varying color and grain. Although normally light, ambrosia maple wood is known for its dark grain contrasts, adding brown, gray, and bluish highlights to the wood. Ambrosia Maple wood also has wormholes. The wormholes and darker grain highlights come from the Ambrosia Beatles Inhabiting the Tree before being harvested, hence the name “Ambrosia Maple”


Cherry wood is our second-lightest wood and is fairly consistent in color, but can occasionally have lighter streaks in the wood.  Cherry wood darkens over time.


Mahogany wood has a reddish-brown hue and has the most consistent grain of our four kinds of wood. Mahogany wood will darken slightly over time.


Walnut wood is the darkest of our woods, with a darker brown hue. Walnut wood, although normally darker, can have lighter contrast and the color can vary. Please note that walnut wood may not show engraving as well as the other woods.

Please also note that the wood grain will vary from stand to stand.

Custom Engrave Your Guitar Stand

~ Detailed Guitar Holder Engravings or Engravings with a lot of text: If you’re ordering a custom wooden guitar stand with detailed engraving, or an engraving with a lot of text, keep in mind that detailed engravings and smaller text show up better on lighter colored wood (Ambrosia Maple or Cherry).

~Wood color and grain vary from piece to piece, even wood in the same species.

How many words can I have inscribed on this stand?

Max of 30 words per stand

Where will the words be?

Engraving will be on the center cross piece of the stand

Can I see an example?

Examples of our handmade custom wooden guitar stands are shown in the listing photos

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