Cutting Boards

Wood-Burned Cutting Board/Charcuterie Board

These beautiful cutting boards are engraved with the design shown in the first picture and personalized with your name, initials, date, etc.

Our handmade ambrosia maple cutting boards are 15"x11"x.75" with a choice of handles. You can choose no handles, one handle, or two handles with the board.

Ambrosia Maple wood, also known as Ghost Maple, has varying color and grain. Although normally light, ambrosia maple wood is known for its dark grain contrasts, adding brown, gray, and bluish highlights to the wood.

Personalized Cutting Boards Make a Great Gift

This cutting board is great for a thoughtful personalized gift, or order one for yourself to keep in your own kitchen. This is a fully functional cutting board and can be cut on, washed, and will not dull knives.

These are so beautiful, that many people choose to decorate with them or use them for charcuterie boards instead of preparing food on them, though they are perfectly suitable for kitchen work of slicing, dicing, and chopping.