As a fellow violin player, I was tired of trying to search for unique engraved items for stringed instruments, only to find a limited selection of items. While there are many options for guitar, keyboard, band instruments, etc....personalized gifts for orchestra players were hard to find. So, we started making our own rosin for stringed instruments. Tested to perfection by my own personal use!

Home made rosin in a hand made wooden sleeve, personalized with your name or initials!

We hand pour all of our rosin. Made from pine sap from trees right down the road in Georgia, our rosin is made from all natural ingredients and hand poured into our hand built sleeves. All of our rosin sleeves are cut from premium ambrosia maple wood and hand sanded into shape. A small magnet holds the sleeve in place, so you never have to worry about your rosin falling out and shattering all over the place! All of our rosin has been tested to perfection, to get just the right amount of sticky grip for the bows!

This rosin is for use on any traditional bow for stringed instruments. This is a great gift for any violin, viola, cello, or bass player! 

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