About Us

In a little town, on the East Coast, out in the country, dust is stirring....saw dust that is...on the SandednBranded compound!


The idea of SandednBranded was born many years ago...but today Bryan and MJ, co-owners, founders, and engineers of SandednBranded work together with a small shop crew to build and customize memorable and unique wood pieces for customers throughout the US and all over the world.

Bryan has always been a woodworker, starting at a very young age, and creates, designs and builds all of the products you see. MJ uses her creative talent and knowledge of the trade for all of the woodburned and laser burned designs creating the personalized touch to each piece. In a nutshell, Bryan builds it, MJ burns it....and that's how SandednBranded was born.


How do we do it?  Well, we can't give away all of our secrets, but check out this video on how we make your boxes: