Mini Music Boxes

Mini Music Boxes


Personalized Wind-Up Wooden Music Boxes

All of our traditional wind-up custom wooden music boxes are personalized and handmade just for you! We offer 4 different wood choices and have many stock songs to choose from. All of these custom-engraved hardwood music boxes come with 18-note song movements which you wind from the bottom of the box. Go to the Music Listening Station tab at the top of the page to listen to samples of the songs. Please read the description section for each item for size, engraving details, and ordering instructions. All wooden music boxes are 100% customizable and we also do custom designs. If you are interested in a personalized wooden wind-up music box design, please send us a message! Also, check out our electronic music box section for custom songs and see how your personalized wood wind-up music box is made by going to the About Us tab at the top of the page!

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