Guitar Pick Boxes

Guitar Pick Boxes

Handmade, Engraved Wood Guitar Pick Box

Choose Guitar Pick Box or Box and Picks, engraved with the design shown in the first picture and personalized with your name, date, or short saying! You can also choose to engrave a custom text on the back of your pick box and picks.

Premium Hardwood Guitar Pick Boxes

All of our pick boxes and picks are made from premium hardwood – no plywood or pressboard! We do not stain or paint any of our boxes, but apply several finishing coats of lacquer to show off the natural wood grain.

Choose from 4 different woods (shown in the listing photos):

  • Ambrosia Maple – this wood varies greatly and can be very light with little variation or very dark with grain contrasts.
  • Mahogany – a darker reddish wood
  • Cherry – this wood is our second-lightest wood and is a fairly consistent color.
  • Walnut – Walnut wood is our darkest – please note that walnut wood may not show engraving as well as the other woods.

Each box is handmade. The Pick Box is approximately 3" long x 2 1/2 inches wide x 1 inch tall and lined with velvet on the bottom inside the box.

The top of the pick box twists open and is held closed with a small magnet. This pick box can store 4+ of our wood guitar picks.

Our Hardwood Guitar Picks

All of our picks are made from premium hardwood and hand-sanded into shape.

Picks are approximately 1-3/8"tall x 1-1/4" wide x 2 mm thick, and are finished with mineral oil, so no residue comes off when playing.

Custom Engraving for your Guitar Pick Box

The design shown in the first picture is engraved on the front of the box with your name, date, initials, or short saying. You have the option to engrave the back of the box with a name, date, initials, or a short saying as well. Please see the listing photos to view our font options.

The front of the guitar pick is also engraved with the design shown in the first picture, and you can have the back of the pick engraved with a name, initials, date, or short saying as well.

All text is centered on the box and pick.

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