Engraved Handmade Personalized Mini Owl Urn, Small Urn, Sharable Urn, Pet Owl Urn
Engraved Handmade Personalized Mini Owl Urn, Small Urn, Sharable Urn, Pet Owl Urn
Engraved Handmade Personalized Mini Owl Urn, Small Urn, Sharable Urn, Pet Owl Urn

Engraved Handmade Personalized Mini Owl Urn, Small Urn, Sharable Urn, Pet Owl Urn

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This beautiful handmade pet urn is engraved with the design as shown in the first picture and your feathered baby's name, dates and/or a short message. You can also choose to engrave the bottom of the urn with your custom text. These mini urns are the perfect size to keep a small reminder of your loved one near you.  Purchase multiple mini urns for members of the family to share.


Our Urns

All of our urns are made from premium hardwood, no plywood or pressboard! We do not stain or paint any of our urns, but apply several finishing coats of lacquer to show off the beautiful natural wood grain.

Choose from 4 different woods (shown in the listing photos): Ambrosia Maple, Mahogany, Cherry, and Walnut. Please note that the wood grain will vary from urn to urn. Ambrosia maple wood varies greatly and can be very light with little variation or very dark with grain contrasts and worm holes. Cherry wood is our second lightest wood and is fairly consistent.  Mahogany is a darker reddish wood.  Walnut wood is our darkest, please note that walnut wood may not show engraving as well as the other woods.

This urn is approximately 3-1/2" long x 2-7/8" wide x 2-1/8" inch tall. The top of the urn swings shut and a magnet securely holds the lid closed. These boxes can hold small amounts of ashes, approximately ashes from 8lbs or less before cremation. You can purchase several boxes to split the ashes between boxes to give to multiple parties.


To Order

  1. From the drop-down boxes, choose your wood type for your urn, and your engraving option.
  2. In the Top Engraving Box, note the name, dates, and any other text you would like engraved on the top of your urn to go along with the design. 
  3. If you chose to engrave the bottom of your urn, please note the text you would like engraved in the corresponding boxes. We do not have a specific limit on number of characters, but keep in mind that the more characters you have, the smaller the font will be.
Please be sure to double check all spelling and capitalization as we will engrave it EXACTLY as you have noted.
Engraving Top:
4.10.2018 - 8.12.2021
Engraving Bottom:
We Love You
4. From the drop-down box, choose which style font you would like for your engraving. A list of the font choices is shown in the listing photos.
5. Add the item to your cart.
6. Leave any other info or requests in the Message box in your cart and proceed with check out.


Please check out our FAQs page at the top of this page to help you select the perfect wood type for your piece.

-We select specific cuts for each urn but if you have a specific preference, would like a lighter piece of walnut, an ambrosia maple piece with a lot of grain contrast, etc., please note your preference at check out and we will do our best to pick a piece to your request.

Upon completion, this item is shipped USPS First Class for US deliveries, and UPS International Shipping 10-15 Day for International deliveries. International customers are responsible for any customs fees charged by their country before their order can be delivered.

*Note: Please note the wood grains for all woods will vary from urn to urn, and the worm holes (a characteristic of Ambrosia Maple Wood) will vary from urn to urn.

As every urn is hand made for every order, please allow adequate time for us to build, engrave, and finish your personalized urn. Check the Shipping Info for processing time.