4pc Handmade Wooden Guitar Picks, Custom Wood Guitar Plectrum 4 piece set
Custom Guitar Picks

4pc Handmade Wooden Guitar Picks, Custom Wood Guitar Plectrum 4 piece set

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Set of 4 Beautiful Handmade Wood Guitar Picks!

Our Picks

All of our picks are made from premium hardwood and hand-sanded into shape.

Choose from 4 different woods (shown in the listing photos): Ambrosia Maple, Mahogany, Cherry, and Walnut; or chose to order a mix (one of each wood). Please note that the wood grain will vary from pick to pick. Ambrosia maple wood varies greatly and can be very light with little variation or very dark with grain contrasts and worm holes. Cherry wood is our second lightest wood and is fairly consistent.  Mahogany is a darker reddish wood.  Walnut wood is our darkest.

Picks are approximately 1-3/8"tall x 1-1/4" wide x 2mm thick. Picks are finished with mineral oil, so no residue comes off when playing.



If you would like your pick engraved, we do offer custom engraved picks, please go to our pick section at the bottom of the page!



Upon completion, this item ships USPS First Class Mail 3-5 day in a nice gift box. Upgraded shipping available through Priority Mail 2-3 Day shipping.

*Note: Please note the wood grains for all woods will vary from box to box, and the worm holes(a characteristic of Ambrosia Maple Wood) will vary from box to box.


If you are interested in a custom engraved pick, please visit our pick section:


If you are interested in a Pick Box to hold your picks, please check out our Pick Box Section: